Tips To Save Your HP Laptop Battery Life

The Laptop Battery is the most common problems for the people who uses the laptop. A lot of individuals don’t know how to save their battery life which leads to the battery damage.

Once the battery gets damaged, people start finding a good laptop service in chennai. A professional replaces their battery with more secure.


Below are the tips which will help you to save laptop battery life,

 Tip 1 – Unplug the External Devices

 You can save more battery while unplugging the many external devices like Mouse, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Speakers, and iPod because USB is the biggest drain of the battery power.

 Tip 2 – Close Back-End Process

Try to close all background process that is not using regularly; You can use the “Ctrl+Alt+Delete” to select the “Task Manager” option from there you can terminate all unwanted process/ applications this will help to save your battery life.

 Tip 3 – Brightness

It is the another big part to sucks the battery power. Always try to use your laptop with a standard light if you like to increase a more brightness then you have to ready to sacrifice the battery power.

 Tip 4 – Battery Options

 You can choose and set the appropriate option that will help the battery to save more energy and sustain for a long time.

 Tip 5 – Prefer High RAM

 By using the high featured RAM will help to save the battery. Typically, the RAM will save the virtual memory space, so this will avoid the battery drain.